Kick Up Your Morning Coffee with an Americano

At first glance, you might not be able to distinguish an Americano from a cup of brewed coffee.  Since both beverages are made from coffee and hot water, it is easy to see how they can often be confused. But while the appearance may look the same, the taste and preparations are not. Here is how an Americano and brewed coffee are different:

Preparation. While traditionally brewed coffee is made by letting hot water drip down through the grounds, an Americano first begins as an espresso shot. Using extremely hot water (steam), finely ground coffee and pressure, your espresso machine (or Nespresso machine) will pull a shot of espresso. An Americano is made when hot water is added to the espresso, transforming the shot into a less intense, but just as delicious cup of coffee.

Learn how to make a latte by adding milk to your espresso shot here.

Taste. An Americano and drip coffee have very distinct tastes, because after all, they are prepared very differently. An Americano has a richer taste and fuller-bodied texture. Not only is this attributed to the espresso being pulled, but because unlike brewed coffee which is usually made in advance, an Americano is “made-to-order.”

Caffeine. Okay, so the caffeine content in an Americano doesn’t different from regular brewed coffee by much. That being said though, if you are thinking of switching up your coffee routine in the morning, making an Americano is a great option because it has almost the same amount of caffeine. This means you can do all the incredible things you do every day, with a richer (and we think, more delicious) beverage in the morning.

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