The Difference Between Espresso and Brewed Coffee

Espresso and brewed coffee embody two very different ways of making coffee, which significantly affects the way that coffee tastes. While both espresso and brewed coffee are delicious ways to enjoy coffee, there are some defining characteristics that lead many to prefer espresso to brewed coffee. Let’s look at everything you need to know about espresso and coffee.

Here are some ways that espresso and brewed coffee may differ:

How It’s Brewed

Espresso and brewed coffee differ in the way that they are made. Brewed coffee typically uses gravity to filter water through medium grind coffee, allowing the coffee to have longer contact with water. Espresso, however, is made from forcing hot water through finely grind coffee under extreme pressure, allowing the coffee to have shorter contact with water.


Because the brewing process for brewed coffee typically produces less intense flavors than espresso, it is often considered more forgiving when it comes to the quality of coffee beans. Making espresso requires the use of high-quality beans that can withstand the intense water pressure to produce a great shot.

Flavor Profile

Espresso has a full range of flavors, including a sweet balance to any bitter flavors, subdued acidity, and heavy body. Brewed coffee tends to lack a full range of flavors and oils because the paper filter used in the brewing process filters out many of the coffee beans’ natural oils.


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