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Our Story - Brazilian Espresso

Our Story

Brazilian Espresso is dedicated to bringing people together.

Whether it’s to share a laugh, to tell a story, to solve a problem or to push an idea from concept to creation, our coffee inspires people to connect with one another.

Meet the Farmers

Why grow and harvest coffee beans in the same tradition as our forefathers? While it may take a lot more work, our farmers know that exceptional and high-quality coffee beans can only come from meticulous care and painstaking quality control.

Explore Our Farm

Want to know why our single origin 100% Arabica coffee has such a distinct aroma, body and sweetness? Our family chose Minas Gerais, Brazil for the location of our farm because of its rich soil, ideal climate, perfect altitude, and reputation for producing some of the best coffee in the world.

Learn About Our Process

What makes our specialty coffee so special? Unlike most specialty coffee companies and roasters who source their green coffee beans from distributors, we get our green coffee beans right from our family farm. From sorting by hand to using only the best methods of roasting, you can guarantee that from seed to coffee cup, we are dedicated to creating only the best product.

Why 100% Arabica?

  • More Sustainable Farming
  • Very Wide Taste Range
  • Better Flavor and Composition
  • Higher Quality Beans

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